Investing in child resiliency (ACES & Trauma Sensitive Training)

Adverse Childhood Experiences have the most impact on a person’s lifelong health and opportunity, and is noted as the number one public health opportunity by many leading professionals.   As such, a priority in the community is to engage those that work with you in the community on ACES, and approaches to working with children.

Trauma Sensitive Training, including Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES) Training & Trauma Sensitive approaches to care have been offered this past summer through Becker County Energize to schools across Becker County, the Boys and Girls Club of DL, and head start programs. We’ve trained more than 200 youth educators, para’s, child protection workers and foster parents in strategies that transform the culture of their work and organization.

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Access to Services

  1. Becker County and White Earth Mental Health Crisis Team: a confidential and non-judgemental 24/7 crisis line where you can call, or they can come to you.   For anyone who needs a listening ear, information, referral resources or crisis intervention.   The group works on expanding access and services to meet the needs of the people in our community.   Collaboration across the community, innovative practice, developing services that are impactful and replicable led to a $10,000 award in 2016 as the BCE Mental Health group was noted as a “Program of Excellence” by the Hospital Charitable Service Awards. That funding was reinvested in the Direct Secure Messaging project to improve care collaboration and communication to better serve people in our community.