Improving Access to Child Care

In 2018 Becker County was the recipient of a Rural  Child Care Innovation program which brought resources to address the child care gap.   A steering committee of government, child care providers, healthcare, private business, non-profits and others united to develop solutions together.   Investing in youth is investing in our future!

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Getting Started as a Child Care Provider

  • Navigating the licensing process
  • Accessing business and training resources
  • Setting up your environment
  • Connecting with resources to build your high quality Program

Child Care Supporter specifics


Child Care Provider Resources

Child Care Aware is a statewide resource hub for grants, training opportunities, careers and more.   Check out their resources here.   

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Licensing for Child Care

Wanting more information on the process and documents for licensing?   There are three easy steps to get you started.   Click below to start moving towards your new career.

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Child Care Toolkit for Communities and Businesses

Data resources, tool kits and resources.

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List of Comprehensive Resources

Program Building

Peer Network

Supporting Families

Partners & programs




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Finding a Child Care Provider

The state of Minnesota provides information on all the licensed providers in Minnesota.  Click below to start your search for Becker County.  

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Technical Assistance, Financial Projections, Resources and Funding

First Children’s Finance can assist with training and consulting for communities, individual businesses or centers.   In addition, they can provide financial projections and funding opportunities for your new or existing child care business.



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Rural Child Care Innovation Program

Read the full report here including the number of child care slots needed, community partners, the barriers to child care, and how we are developing local solutions.


Our Kids. Our Family. Our Community. Our Future

Did you know that for every dollar spent on a child it is a $17 return on investment?   Studies show that investing in quality early education programs improve  a child’s likelihood of being financially stable as adults, healthy and happy.